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What is HDR Photography?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and is a modern style of photography which heavily relies on post-processing to deliver finished photos with a higher dynamic range of luminosity than regular photography. In simple terms, HDR photography allows for the under and overexposed areas of a photo to become seen in the finished image. This is achieved by taking a number of images, across a range of exposures, and layering these images. The finished result is an image that does not have any areas that are underexposed or overexposed, leading to a stunning and unique photo.

Professional Photographers specialising in HDR Photography

Many professional photographers are turning to HDR Photography as either a hobby or a as a career. HDR Photography requires a high level of post processing skill, ensuring that multiple photos are perfectly balanced to create a work of art.

Professional HDR Photographers in London, and the UK – If you are seeking a a Professional HDR Photographer within the UK (or even further afield), do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will help connect you with some of the leading professional photographers in the UK and World. We can even recommend an affordable photo booth hire company.

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